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"If yesterday dictates your tomorrow then today is lost. There is NOTHING standing between your next, but your NOW. Choose Life! Choose You!" 

- Sharhonda

Stressed Woman

Have you been plagued by shame, guilt, fear, doubt, despair, grief, abandonment, disappointment, hurt, rejection or any other powerful emotion?


Are you paralyzed by past experiences or decisions? Are you ready to move beyond the notion that you can't move forward?

Choosing healing is a powerful choice. Allowing previous pain to prevent you from your promised purpose should NEVER be an option. In the therapeutic environment, I join you, in your journey toward healing and becoming whole.

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Sharhonda Ford is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC). Currently offering Counseling services in NC and NJ. In August of 2017, Sharhonda completed a practicum and internship providing outpatient therapy to adolescents and adults at Hickory Grove Counseling Center. She counseled women on healing damaging emotions and counseled couples on relationship problems, pre-marital and conflict in marriage situations.​

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