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Marriage After Dark: Holy X(tra)-Rated

💜I’m exhausted!
💜I don’t feel like it!
💜He’s not attending to my needs!
💜I’m tired of always pleasing him and not feeling like I get anything in return!
💜My body is changing! I am not comfortable in my own skin. So, sex is a no.
💜I’m the one taking care of the children, home, family, working and then he still wants sex.
💜I ain’t got nothing for him.
💜He better take care of himself!
💜I’m NOT putting on lingerie?
💜I’m not gonna cook, clean the kitchen, put the kids to bed and then think I am going to be interested in having sex.
💜I just don’t like being touched…anymore.
💜I just am not as interested in doing it.
💜I am not wasting my time because I keep being disappointed.
💜I can please myself so let him do the same. It’s easier this way. Boy Bye…


Sis, I am sure you are not familiar with any of these statements when it comes to having sex with your husband? I know YOU are NOT the one withholding sex from your spouse. I know you are making it happen because you handle your business. So this isn’t for you.

💟BUT… if you know someone who has then tune it because you know we are our sisters keeper and we need to arm ourselves with knowledge to help our sisters.

💟I imagine women who have felt, said, or thought any of these above statements are struggling with intimacy and lack fulfillment in the marriage bed. Couples generally tell the story that sex was good when they dated or before children. Then something happens.

💜Let’s talk about something?

💟There are a myriad or plethora of reasons why the desire for intimacy and sex changes.

💟There is no shortage of women feeling this and there is no shortage of couples struggling to find satisfaction with the frequency and fulfillment of sex.

💜What if I told you that can change?
💟What if I told you finding fulfillment is possible?
💜What if I told you those statements above can be transformed to statements like this…

💟I can’t wait until he gets home so I can blow his mind.
💜Oh I’m ready! Let me get these kids in the bed.
💟Let me know when you ready for what I have for you.
💜I texted him to let him know he may need to get himself a nap.

💟Are you ready to turn the NOT to HOT?
💟Are you ready to experience the joy of Marital Ministry?
💟Are you ready to unleash the wild side of you as a wife?

Join us for marriage after dark.

💟Come and learn to identify, acknowledge and address what’s keeping you from the intimacy orgasms you desire.

We will talk about:
💜How trauma impacts marital intimacy.
💜What to do when the familiar touch becomes unfamiliar.
💜Overcoming sexual frustration due to sickness.
💜Creating space for sexual intimacy and so much more.

You will have an opportunity to ask the HOT BUTTON questions and hear how your mental and physical health can benefit from Good Sex based on God’s plan.

💜💜💜I want IN (timacy)💜💜💜

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Marriage After Dark: Holy X-tra Rated

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