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Is Infertility Ruining Your Sex Life? Is Intimacy Lost?

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Is Infertility Ruining Your Sex Life? Is Intimacy Lost?

A Devotional Excerpt from “Chasing Rainbows” A book for women who reside in that “Barren Land” (a place where seeds don’t fully grow and flowers never fully bloom) by Sharhonda Ford. It’s a subject that is often shunned. Women and couples struggling with fertility often don’t have an outlet and therefore the suffering is in silence. So how do you learn how to cope if there is no one to talk to? How do you manage to get through the nights of intimacy and days when your cycle shows up? How do you look at your husband and desire intimacy when each time you expect intimacy to yield fertility disappointment abound? Often women who suffer with fertility issues also struggle with the desire to be intimate. This is common for so many reasons. Infertility or fertility challenges cause emotional issues and affect a woman’s ability to be whole. For Christians, we believe what God’s word says about child birth. As women, we were created to bring forth life. As husbands, it is a blessing to plant seeds that yield life. The bible says, “blessed is a man whose quiver is full”, (Psalm 127:5). The bible instructs us to, “be fruitful and multiply”, (Genesis 1:28). To know the body was created for something it doesn’t do hurts. It’s almost like the body is rejecting you. How do you honor your body when you feel your body is dishonoring you? Wives struggle with intimacy. It isn’t intentional. It’s unconscious and unmanageable at times. What do you do when you desire to satisfy your husband yet, the pain that saturates your heart paralyzes you? What do you do when your sex life is suffering during your struggle? Pray! Ask God to help you trust His plan for your life. Trust! Gods plan for your life is greater than what you can imagine. Know! Know your body is a temple. It belongs to the Lord! Do that which would please God with it. Imagine! Imagine what it would be like to be in the will of God, honoring Him in ALL that you do. Honor! Honor your vows to your husband being mindful that your body is not your own. Love! Love your husband. Remember He is not the enemy. Your loss is his loss. You ARE ONE! Surrender! Surrender your plan for your life to God’s plan for you. Knowing his plan is much greater! Intimacy is an important part of your marriage. It is critical and God created sex for marriage. My marriage counselor told us, "God created sex for recreation, procreation and communication". Just because one component is missing doesn’t mean fulfilling the others are not necessary. Embrace your spouse! Embrace God’s plan! And, get ready to embark on the best sex and intimacy you’ve had. FREE YOUR MIND… AND GREAT SEX WILL FOLLOW! My prayer for you, Father, please strengthen your daughter. Comfort her and speak life into her dead situation. Restore her a new and allow her to love herself and her husband in ways she has never known. Bind them together. Give them fresh ways to love one another as they learn to love and trust you. In Jesus name, Amen. #flipthescript #sharhondaford #sharhondaspeaks #barrenland #thatinfertilitychic (c)2018 Sharhonda L. Ford


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