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The Emotional Alphabet Series BLAME

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

This post is a part of the HOPE series on: Generational Conditioning Generational Curses Trauma

Blame is one of the things that I hear and see often in conversations.

When I consider what people are referencing when taking or assigning blame, it seems individuals take blame for things that they were not responsible for within families.

From generation to generation, I recognize that there’s a common theme with communication and interfamily relationships. That theme is BLAME.

We see this within the nucleus of families where siblings take a blame or place blame on one another. We see others not taking responsibility or being accountable for their own actions.

We see it within marriages when there is a conflict in the marriage and one spouse is blaming their behavior on another spouse.

I do believe that as we watch relationships and conflict, we learned how to manage and handle it growing up. Many times, no one was taking responsibility for their actions. Thus, assigning blame.

And some homes children don’t have the advantage of learning how to take responsibility. There are instances where children observe from their point of view and they consistently see someone else being blamed for or not taking responsibility for their actions.

I personally believe that there are times when I can see this as generational conditioning in the area of blame.

Individuals learn that they don’t have to take responsibility and they get to put their inadequacies, failures, challenges and areas of opportunities on others. We hear people say, “they didn’t give me a chance” or “they didn’t allow me to do it” will position them to practice taking responsibility and being accountable.

When taking responsibility, we have a greater propensity to grow.

For more information on how blame is seen throughout your relationships, let’s talk about it. You can contact the office to learn how you can be supported on your wellness journey.

Your Christ-Centered Clinician, Sharhonda Ford

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