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Building a Home - A Marriage That Lasts

Building a Home - A Marriage That Lasts

When you are building a home, the most important thing you do is ensure you are on a firm foundation. There are many things that go into that, however once assured the foundation is secure you begin the building process. What does that look like? Well you are building brick by brick. You ensure that each brick is laid and is leveled for uniformity and stability. There are times when the bricks don’t lay correctly or maybe a brick falls out because there is a shift in the foundation. You can’t always see the problem. Sometimes, it is as small as a hairline crack and sometimes it’s evident to you and EVERYONE around you. Albeit, the change in the foundation ultimately effects the overall structure sometimes causing irreparable damage to the home. What does that mean? It means it is important to monitor the building of your home. Are there any gaps in the process (communication)? Are there any leaks that may cause the foundation not to be sure (others KNOWING what’s going on in YOUR home)? Are there steps not taken as an effort to save time (maybe prayer, weekly meetings, intimacy, sex, date nights)? Today, I thought of the brick home laying process like marriage. We want our foundation to be sure. We want it to look amazing. We can’t always see what’s happening underneath. We are so quick to rush through a process to get to what’s next, so we can celebrate how good it is/looks. Would you want to live in your home if your BUILDER didn’t secure the foundation, ensure the bricks were laid appropriately and build your home to the standard of excellence? Would you be willing to live in a home not up to code because you want to save money or time? Would that be safe? Well it’s the same thing with your marriage. Wives, ensuring there are no gaps in the process sometimes fall on us. Are you communicating with your spouse? Does he understand your needs? Are you creating opportunities for intimacy? Are you ensuring your husband is NOT sexually starving? Do you pray together? Do you pray with and for him? Are you having weekly meetings to talk about the business of the home and ensure it’s not a daily nag session? While your husband is the head. You are responsible to make sure things are running smoothly. You are there to keep an eye on the bricks. Don’t worry about what others see. Don’t worry about missing bricks. Don’t just put the bricks back so no one knows they are missing. WORK ON IT! REPAIR IT! RESTORE IT! And monitor the foundation. EVEN small hairline cracks (miscommunication, sickness, lack of sex, financial disagreements, misplaced priorities, and delayed dreams) can cause the foundation to shift and the house to CAVE.


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